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Water around the world have become better water and this is 『Jam Hom』 Health water you'll love for life.

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Jam Hom Co., Ltd.

About Us

Includes the distribution Reverse Osmosis Water Systems, various filters for home and industrial RO systems and related compnents of water treatment equipments. Jam Hom Co., Ltd. continues developing high-tech products and provides pure and energy-efficient water service worldwide. 80% components of a home RO system are produced by Jam Hom Co., Ltd. These years, Jam Hom Co., Ltd. works with Industrial Technology Research Institute to develop medical bamboo charcoal filters, carbon filters and high-tech filters. The business covers environmental protection, air and dirty water treatment systems, and devotes to making OEM and ODM RO systems. Jam Hom Co., Ltd. is certificated with ISO 9001.

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